The Just Right Level

Our aim at Kumon is to develop each child’s potential and to take them to the point where they are working independently and confidently on material which is well advanced for their age. We ensure that there is a strong foundation for them to meet the challenges of advanced study. To keep things relatively simple for the children, we talk to them in terms of the target for their current daily worksheets being a certain level of accuracy (eg 6 out of the 10 pages scoring 100) and a time taken target (ie so many minutes for the 5 or 10 page book).

However, to determine each child’s study plan, we do not consider only accuracy and time taken. We observe students as they complete their class workbook and form a view of their understanding of the material, their attitude to their study and their current level of work skill. We look, for instance, at ability to read instructions and follow examples, self-correction skills, posture, motivation and general confidence. As a consequence, two students of the same age studying the same workbook today and achieving a similar score and times will inevitably have a different study plan.

You are most welcome to contact me at any time to discuss your child’s study plan.