Set A Time Each Day For Kumon

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

12:06 AM

There are significant benefits in studying a little each day; however, it can be challenging to find time for Kumon study every day. In our experience, the best way to establish and maintain a long-term study habit is to create a routine. Having a routine helps to develop discipline and time management skills, as well as setting a clear expectation of when Kumon is to be done each day.

To start a new routine, firstly look at your family’s weekly schedule, and then decide on when ‘Kumon time’ will be. Try to make this time the same each day. If possible, schedule a time when you will be free to support your children’s learning, especially in the early stages of their Kumon study. Some days will be busier than others and unexpected events may arise, but try to be consistent. Determine whether your children are better able to concentrate in the morning, afternoon or evening, particularly for children at school. For children not at school or when on holidays and weekends, schedule Kumon around an everyday activity like after breakfast or before dinner.


• Whether it be before or after school, have your children do their Kumon study prior to doing their school homework. This is so they are better able to concentrate and can complete the work as quickly and accurately as possible.

• Create a family timetable that is easy for all family members to see and know when ‘Kumon time’ is.

• As children grow up, encourage them to make their own schedule that includes their daily Kumon study