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Kumon Instructor Violeta Petrovski


Violeta began with the Kumon company in 1996 operating the Kumon Centre in Keilor Downs and then opening her second centre the following in Sydenham from 1997. She was in IT Help Desk at the Anz bank Melbourne for 15 years  prior to this time and her love to educate young children  was her passion.

Violeta has a passion for children, education and Kumon. She is a mother of three children herself (all boys)  and has seen first hand the role and importance that education plays in the providing children with pathways and choices. They are now working and studying in university : IT Analyst, Bio Mechanical Engineering and Law Student.

Her belief that every child is an individual and that every child can achieve their potential is evident in her role in the education of students at the Keilor Downs and Sydenham  Education Centres. Her positive and enthusiastic approach and  detailed knowledge of the Kumon Program provide an excellent base for all children to excel.